Fluoride Treatment Tips


Many water supplies in the U.S. are treated with fluoride, a chemical known to prevent cavities in teeth. However, not all water supplied are fluoridated, so many people opt for separate fluoride treatments. These treatments can be administered in a number of ways.

Special toothpastes:

While most generic toothpastes contain .22 percent fluoride, prescription fluoride toothpastes contain 1.1 percent of the agent. Your dentist or other dental specialist will be able to write you a prescription for this.

Mouth rinses:

Mouth rinses are the most common way to get extra fluoride. The are available over the counter and contact .5 percent fluoride.

Gels and foams:

Special gels and foams containing fluoride can be put into mouth trays that are then worn in the mouth for four minutes at a time. Some gels, however, are used the same way that toothpaste is.


The varnish treatments are similar to the gels and foams, but they are easier to apply and they don’t taste as bad. The varnish can be brushed on easily and quickly.

Medical supplements:

In communities without fluoridated water supplied, school children are often given tablets to boost fluoride in their mouths. They don’t do much to protect baby teeth, but they can protect permanent teeth.

These tips can help you protect your teeth and prevent cavities.

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