The Purpose Of Your Wisdom Teeth

 Wisdom teeth are vestigial, meaning that human beings no longer have a need for them. In most cases, they are likely to cause more problems than benefits.

As a child, you were probably very excited the first time you lost a tooth. You may have celebrated the loss of that first tooth (and the ones that followed) by placing it under your pillow and waiting excitedly for the tooth fairy to swap it for some cold hard cash. Almost every culture has some special way of marking this event; the transition from “baby teeth” to permanent ones is one of the first universal rights of passage of childhood.

Fast-forward about a decade, and the arrival of the “wisdom teeth” is a completely different story. Far from being eagerly anticipated, this event can be fraught with challenges and, along with them, some difficult decisions. Wisdom teeth can be problematic, and their removal – although not a foregone conclusion – often becomes necessary.

The teeth that you associate with increased acumenare actually your third molars, following the ones you acquired around the ages of six and twelve respectively. They are considered vestigial, meaning that they once had an essential function but are now all but obsolete. It is believed that these extra molars were necessary for prehistoric humans, hunter-gatherers whose diet consisted largely of hard-to-chew foods that wore their teeth down over time. Your ancient ancestors also had larger jaws, providing plenty of room for a third set of molars. Over time, with the advent of both agriculture and cooking, the human diet became significantly easier to chew. Meanwhile, evolution reduced the size of humans’ jaws, forcing the same number of teeth to fit within a smaller space. Nature may be slowly phasing out the human wisdom tooth: in certain indigenous human populations, there is an almost 100 percent rate of agenesis – or failure to develop – of wisdom teeth.

Because you no longer require wisdom teeth to successfully chew your food, you can have them removed without affecting your ability to eat – but should you? The answer to that question is complicated and should be explored with a professional. Because there is often inadequate room for them, these extra molars tend to become impacted, or crowded so that they can’t fully or properly emerge. This can lead to painful infections as partially erupted teeth allow food particles to become trapped under the gum. Typically, if an upper wisdom tooth is removed the lower must be as well, and vice versa. Otherwise, the tooth that’s left behind may begin to grow too far out of the jaw once it has nothing to rest on. Removal may be advised even if your third molars present no immediate problems, as the recovery becomes more difficult as you age. These and other factors should be carefully weighed when considering wisdom tooth removal.

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Why Should I Go for an Oral ID Cancer Screening?

About 43,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year – and the number has been increasing steadily for some time. With any cancer, early detection is a key factor for maximizing the odds for a good outcome. However, many potential and emerging problem areas in your mouth may be difficult for your dentist to view under normal circumstances.

Benefits of Fluorescence Technology

The Oral ID is a screening device that helps your dentist to view abnormalities that might otherwise be missed. With the combination of a simple hand-held light and a special pair of glasses, areas of irregular tissue become visible. As a result, potential problems can be investigated and treated if necessary – long before they would have become noticeable under normal light.

Easy, Painless, and Inexpensive

Because the screening device is small and relatively simple – requiring only batteries to power it – the screening process is neither invasive nor stressful. Your dentist doesn’t have to buy any replacement parts each time the device is used with a new patient, which creates a savings that can be passed along to you. The light used is harmless, requiring no special protection or precautions.

Consider Your Risk Factors

Cancer screening is particularly important if you fall into a high-risk category. If you have ever been a smoker or smokeless tobacco user, if you are over 40 years of age, or if you have a previous oral cancer history, it is especially important that you have access to effective screening methods.

An Oral ID exam requires only a few minutes of your time, but can make an enormous difference to your health. For more information on cosmetic dentistry in Cary, visit this website.

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The Many Advantages of Teeth Whitening


Even though you brush your teeth twice a day with whitening toothpaste, your teeth may still not be as white as the people’s teeth that you see in those toothpaste commercials. It is often difficult to avoid stains if you smoke cigarettes or often drink dark beverages, such as red wine or cola. Whitening your teeth at a dental office is something that you may want to think about doing if you would like a smile that shines bright.

Why Is Teeth Whitening a Good Idea?

There are several reasons why whitening your teeth may be a good idea. These are just a few of those reasons:

  • When your teeth are whiter, you may smile more often because you love the way they look instead of trying to keep them concealed.
  • You may feel more confident about how you look.
  • You can leave a better impression on the people you end up talking with each day, especially those who you are meeting for the first time.
  • Your teeth will look much healthier than they did before.

Which Whitening Option is the best?

Although there are plenty of whitening products sold at drugstores, such as strips and gels with trays, the best way to get your teeth several shades lighter is to see a dentist who can do it for you in the office. The dentist may use a strong gel that contains hydrogen peroxide that would lift both old and new stains. If you want to find out more about teeth whitening in Santa Cruz, check out this website.

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